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Connecting Uddevalla to the world

Uddevalla Hamnterminal is more than just a company. We are also a geographical area and have a strong local tradition to manage - as part of the city of Uddevalla, a window to the world.

Sea trade has been ongoing since the beginning of time. In an everchanging, industrialised and digitalised society it is stable – water still provides one of the easiest transport methods.

Our challenge is to be able to adapt our port operations quickly, to the prevailing demands. To ensure that industry knows that we are here, and what we can assist with. Not everyone knows how intimately connected a port's operations are with the global economic situation, but they are.

Industry pursues trade between the continents and our operations are a link in the chain that makes that kind of exchange possible. Events and incidents around the world affect the market and, subsequently, us. That is one aspect of our operations – that they are completely in the hands of international events.

We are Port of Uddevalla

Another aspect, equally important to us, are the people here in the port. Our employees who, together, ensure that operations run smoothly from day to day. From the small to the large, with perspective and character. Those who work here also have a strong common denominator in our three core values; Experience, Commitment and Adaptability. By working collectivley with our core values in mind we make sure that Port of Uddevalla, is in every way, a safe port.

We look around the corner

We put the city of Uddevalla on the map - in the society of the future, by working for sustainable logistics solutions. This means making smart and environmentally friendly decisions, which gives beneficial long term effects for our port and our customers. We will be Swedens most flexible port, that is our vision for the future.

In our vision we see a number of industrial companies with a need for sea traffic, establishing themselves at Västra hamnen. How we work with them to develop
common solutions for logistics and transport and how we, as experts in the transport sector, staff parts of their operations with our personnel. One way, among many, of bringing what builds our operations – industry and people – closer together.

We are an enabler in society - for industry, for people and for the environment. We pave the way for the companies of the future to be able to grow and reach out, by tailoring and enabling. In this way, we are also an attractive employer and partner.


Are you an existing or potential customer or partner who wants to know more about our service, our offer and the opportunities available in Port of Uddevalla? Do not hesitate to contact us with questions or requests.


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