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We recruit internal talent to our work environment investment


Jonny Karlsson was recruited in October to our new role as HSEQ coordinator, as an investment in our work environment. HSEQ stands for Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality and the role of HSEQ coordinator means that Jonny will be responsible to coordinate work environment, environment and quality work for Uddevalla Hamnterminal.

- Since this is a completely new role, I have a great chance to make it my own. I have extensive experience within the company and know something about most things here. I have mostly worked as a stevedore worker before, but in addition to that I was elected representative in the trade union organization for a long time. That has given me a good overview of all our agreements and work environment issues. I think that will be a great advantage in my new role and I look forward to bringing that knowledge to use here, Jonny says.

Jonny has been part of Uddevalla Hamnterminal ever since 1994 when he started to work extra as an stevedore, and he is the third generation stevedore in his family.

- Both my father and my grandfather have worked here. I also have some other relatives who work here now or have done so in the past. It's nice that I've been able to carry on the tradition.

Jonny was eventually hired permanently as a stevedore worker and has since then teached many of our employees how to drive forklifts and machines safely as an instructor, among other things. Some of you may also have met Jonny when he recently helped us as a substitute freight forwarder.

In his new role, Jonny is part of our operations department and will be directly involved in their day-to-day operational work as well as acting as a replacement for our Operations Coordinator. He will also have some personnel responsibility, but above all his focus will be on questions related to work environment and quality. Jonny is a versatile and valued employee and colleague, nd we look forward to seeing him develop in his new role.


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