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We strengthen our stevedore department with a new Foreman


Jörgen Berndtson was recruited to the position of our sixth Stevedore Foreman in November. Jörgen joined Uddevalla Hamnterminal as a Stevedore worker in 2021. However, he is already well acquainted with his new role, as he soon after that started to help as foreman. Jörgen has a diverse working background where he has been a sheet metal worker, ship machinist and self-employed in the motorcycle industry, among other things.

This is the best workplace I've had! I really enjoy working here. I like when there is a lot going on, and here there is a lot going on all the time. It's fun to be part of this group. Admittedly, working as a Stevedore also suited me well. Because then I got to work with my hands and that's what I have done throughout my whole working life. But as Foreman, you can be involved in directing things in a different way. And I need to keep track of where everything and everyone is that is needed during a work shift. And make sure everyone has what they need to do their job efficiently and safely, says Jörgen.

As other Foremen, Jörgen is responsible for leading and distributing the work in the various stevedoring and terminal assignments. He also participates in planning and solving any issues that arise along the way. Jörgen has worked almost exclusively with assignments that have to do with project cargo and, above all, wind power. It is something that suits his background and interests in machinery well, as it includes both screwing and handling different types of equipment, with a high work pace.

- I have skills and experience as supervisor from my time as a Ship's Engineer. Back then you were constantly working against deadlines and it's similar here, a vessel must be unloaded or loaded at a certain pace. I am driven and make sure we keep up the pace, but I am also a person who keeps calm under pressure. As a foreman, it is my responsibility to ensure that we have the conditions to reach our goals, Jörgen concludes.

We welcome Jörgen in his new role!


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