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Record year for Port of Uddevalla


In 2022, cargo volumes in Port of Uddevalla increased from 1 million to just over 1.4 million handled tonnes. At the same time, we have achieved our best result in modern times, with a profit of 24 million SEK.

Almost all types of cargo volumes we handle in the port have increased during the past year, and there are several reasons for this. First is that the value of the Swedish krona has fallen, which has made it advantageous to buy from Sweden. We have also attracted two major new deals, the export of forest products with Wagenborgs liner service to the USA, and the import of pellets to our newly built warehouse tent in Västra hamnen. Our investment in new cranes and reach stackers has improved our capacity, facilitated the handling of the increasingly heavier and larger goods, and thereby made us more competitive. The only exception to the upward trend is grain, where the export has declined due to the risen national demand.

The number of vessels that arrived at Port of Uddevalla during the year has also rocketed. Almost one vessel a day, a total of 356 for 2022. A significant difference compared to 273 vessels the year before.

- Our biggest challenge during the year has been to find the time and resources to handle of all the rising volumes. We have carried out several recruitments during the year to meet the demand, and despite retirements, we have increased our workforce from 82 to 94 annual employees. Our employees have shown great flexibility and strength during the year, and I am incredibly grateful for all of our amazing co-workers! Says CEO, Ulf Stenberg.


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