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Varied further training for our stevedoring workers


For our stevedores, their tasks look different from day to day. Which means that they also need to be able to do many different things. To keep their skills updated, and to ensure that we live up to the rules and requirements that exist, we conduct ongoing training in various areas.

Sixteen of our stevedores, including extra staff, recently participated in a chainsaw training. The course is a requirement to be able to use a chainsaw. As a stevedore with us you will use chainsaws to, among other things, cut timber for stamping. This is called dunnage and is used as load securing material in both containers and vessels. Just like many of the courses we use, this training was carried out via
the Transport Union's Occupational and Work Environment Committee - TYA. With Jesper from the Swedish Forest Agency as instructor.

The next planned course will handle a completely different area, water life saving. A must to be able to correctly use the life-saving equipment, such as ladders and stretchers that are available at our quays and terminals.



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