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Green light for new port crane to Västra hamnen

Västra hamnen som det ser ut idag.

We are very happy to be able to tell you that a decision has been made, which gives us the go-ahead to purchase a new crane for Port of Uddevalla.

The crane to be procured is a rail-bound port crane which will be placed at Västra hamnen, Fröland. A rail-bound crane in Västra hamnen will strengthen our capacity and presence here, and create new opportunities for freight handling.

Västra hamnen is our port's development area and in the next few years a lot will happen here. Among other things, parts of the operations that are currently in the inner harbor will move here, and new establishments and customers will be added.

Procurement work has begun, and we expect to have a rail-bound port crane in place at Västra hamnen by the summer of 2025.


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