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Unique power plant en route from Port of Uddevalla


We loaded the Dragon 12 marine power plant on board the vessel Wilson Odra yesterday, and the vessel later departed for the Faroe Islands.

The Swedish marine energy company Minesto is the developer behind the unique power plant. They have been working on assembling and system integration in Port of Uddevalla during atumn, to complete the power plant before departure. The Uddevalla company Elitkomposit AB has also been an important part in making the Dragon 12 a reality. For the past 1.5 years, they have worked on completing the Dragon 12 wing.

The power plant is powered by tides and is intended to function as a more predictable complement to solar and hydropower. In the Faroe Islands, in Vestmannasund, Minesto's tidal production site is located. There are also good conditions for the project to succeed here, as both the tide and the currents are strong.

Minesto's mission is to minimize the global carbon footprint of the energy sector by enabling commercial electricity production from the sea. With granted development funds of more than 40 million euros from, among others, the European Regional Development Fund, the European Innovation Council and InnoEnergy, Minesto is the EU's largest investment in marine energy.


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