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We help to create safe roads through salt management

Lossning av salt i Uddevalla hamn

Road salt is one of the type of cargo we handle in Port of Uddevalla. In this way, we are a part of the chain that creates safe roads in the region. For example in the picture above, where we dishcarged salt from the ship Sea Steamer last week. Right now we handle winter salt, but salt is relevant in the port all year round.

Even in the spring and summer, salt is used on our roads. The so-called summer salt is based on magnesium chloride, and is used with advantage in the spring. It prevents the road from getting dusty, losing shape and potholes forming.

Winter salt is instead used to prevent accidents, as it reduces the risk of slipping. Winter salt consists of Sodium chloride and melts ice down to -15 degrees. Therefore it works very well in Västra Götaland, where it rarely gets colder in winter.


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