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We take the next step in Port of Uddevalla's sustainable conversion

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Already today, we use 100% green electricity for our electric cranes, trucks and cars. We are now taking the next step in our conversion to a sustainably operated machine fleet. As we shift from fossil diesel in our diesel-powered vehicles and machines, to the biofuel HVO100.

Our newest mobile folding jib crane, crane 44, was first up to be refueled with HVO for the first time. The refueling took place smoothly, while the crane was in operation, discharging paper pulp from the vessel Lisa Lehmann.

Shifting to HVO100 (Neste My Renewable Diesel) means reduced carbon dioxide emissions of up to 90%, compared to fossil diesel. HVO100 is a bio-based diesel copy of fossil diesel. The product is produced from renewable raw materials in the form of various animal and vegetable fats, usually waste and various by-products and residues from, for example, food production and ethanol production.

Neste MY Renewable Diesel (HVO100) does not contain palm oil and is guaranteed to be sustainable according to the law on sustainability criteria for biofuels.


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