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New routine for access to Port of Uddevalla

Ny rutin för tillträde till hamnområdet

We are currently implementing a new and modern access system for the port area. In order to continue to be a safe and secure port, we are also introducing new procedures, in connection to that. We want to ensure that everyone who has access to the port area through a personal ID card, is authorized, and has knowledge of current regulations. Therefore we have chosen to let everyone re-apply for access to Port of Uddevalla.

You must normally be in need of access to the port outside of our regular working hours (06.30 - 16.00), in order to be granted a personal ID card. There may also be other circumstances that constitute reasons for the need for a personal ID card, this will be evaluated individually.

In order for your application to be approved, you must provide us with your contact person at Uddevalla Hamnterminal. It is also mandatory to take a shorter online course. The training will give you necessary knowledge about the regulations that apply within the port area. In order for the knowledge to be kept up to date, everyone who holds an ID card for Port of Uddevalla needs to complete the training annually.

Make your appplication for access card here, on our website

All access cards will continue to be personal. To further increase security, the new ID cards have both name and photo of the holder. The ID cards must always be carried within the area, and be shown up on request. The ID card is issued at our cargo reception after an approved application, and completed online course.

We will keep a register of the personal data that is necessary, to be able to compare the holders of the ID cards with those who completed the training. We will send out a link to the online course, with the associated code, to those who are granted an ID card. The training takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.


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