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M/V Mark D visits Port of Uddevalla on her maiden voyage

Kapten Rudny Tugado tillsammans med Uddevalla Hamnterminals marknadschef, Jaob Engholm

M/V Mark D is currently docked in our port, visiting Port of Uddevalla as part of her maiden voyage. We have a tradition to hand over a small gift to the vessels who calls att Port of Uddevalla on their first voyage, to wish them luck and prosperity.

We where able to hav a chat with captain Rudny Tugado. He tells us that there are 6 people, including himself, who work on board the vessel. Mark D is the first in a series of three vessels, with the next one to be delivered around the turn of the year.

The vessel will have a route between Scandinavia and England. There she will ship forest products from Scandinavia, and bring baled goods back from England again.

We wish Mark D and crew the best of luck, and hope to see you again soon!


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