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Substituting vessel in our liner service

Lastning ombord på fartyget Arubaborg med hamnkran.

In our regular liner service, we typically use the shipping company Wagenborgs M/V Oranjeborg. Every fifth week, we export up to 13,000 tons of forest products from Uddevalla to Philadelphia, USA with her. M/V Oranjeborg is a Ro-Ro vessel with side ports. Which means that the cargo can either be driven on board or loaded through the side ports.

M/V Oranjeborg is currently undergoing maintenance work, to ensure her future operational reliability.As a replacement for Oranjeborg, M/V Arubaborg is substituting. She is a Lo-Lo vessel, which means that the cargo is instead lifted on and off. It is a greater challenge to load this type of cargo onto a Lo-Lo vessel, a challenge that our stevedores have skillfully handled.

To expedite the loading process, we employ three cranes, an onboard crane, a mobile crane, and a rail-mounted crane. We always aim to meet our customers needs, even when the conditions change.

We look forward to seeing M/V Oranjeborg again at the end of April.


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