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Exercise with the Rescue Service on May 8

Innerhamnen, med Skeppsholmspiren och Wibax anläggning.

Tomorrow, on Wednesday 8 May, our customer Wibax will carry out a major exercise together with the Rescue Service between 09.00 and 12.00. This means that rescue vehicles will be seen in the inner port during the day.

Wibax is a long-term customer of ours, and has a facility in the inner port , next to Skeppsholmpiren. Here vessels can discharge their volumes directly from the quay to Wibax's cisterns. Wibax handles a volume of 35–50 thousand tons of liquid bulk cargo per year in Uddevalla.

The company Wibax is a sustainable supplier of chemicals, that takes into account both people and the environment. They are active in the purchasing, processing and distribution of liquid chemicals and bio-oils for the base industry. Mainly in the Nordic region. Their business concept involves producing, customizing and delivering high-quality chemicals, with a focus on safety and sustainability.

"- For Wibax Logistics, which is responsible for storage and transport to Wibax and external customers, it is important to always put safety as the highest priority. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to be able to practice together with everyone who could be involved in a rescue operation. Wibax appreciates the collaboration with the port of Uddevalla, that they share our view on safety issues and that we can jointly find forms of collaboration regarding health, environment and safety" Anders Skoog, Wibax


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