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Loading of granite in Port of Uddevalla

Lastning av granitblock i Uddevalla hamn

We regularly handle export of granite in Port of Uddevalla. The blocks of granite are hewn from the robust cliffs of Bohuslän, and weigh up to 20 tons each. We have received and discharged trucks with granite during the last few weeks, for intermediate storage in the port, to prepair for the next arriving vessel.

M/V Danica Hav arrived at Port of Uddevalla last thursday, and we have since then loaded the vessel with 1900 tons of granite. The vessel and granite is now on it's way to Portugal. There, the stone will be processed and turned into various natural stone products in special designs. The stone will eventually be transported back to Sweden again, but then as the finished product.

The granite from Bohuslän has a long history of use and can be found in many of the world's major cities. It is a pleasure to handle this cargo in Uddevalla, and contribute to carrying on this fine tradition.

"We have shipped out stone via Port of Uddevalla for a couple of years now. We are satisfied with their service and feel confident that everything always works well" Christian Hero at Brofjorden Ship Agency, agent for both the vessel and the cargo.

The picture shows when the last granite blocks were lifted on board M/V Danica Hav yesterday, before she departed for Portugal.


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