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New project manager strengthens our technical department

Anders Eriksson

In early June, Anders Eriksson assumed the position of project manager within the technical department at Port of Uddevalla. This newly created role offers Anders significant opportunities to shape the nature of the position.

"-The project manager's role is to ensure progress, whether it's a maintenance project, renovation, or a new construction. My job description is precise, and after summer we are set to begin the life extension of Frölandskajen. Being responsive to both internal and external needs is crucial for customer satisfaction. For instance, we might need to swiftly explore and establish a new warehouse. I have only been here few weeks, and I am still familiarizing myself with everything. A priority for me is analysing the state of all areas of the port, to determine what first needs attention", Anders says.

Anders will concentrate on Västra Hamnen. Where the upcoming work involves a new detail plan, and the refurbishment of the existing quay. As project manager, he will also oversee projects at Sörvik and the inner port.

Anders is seasoned in his role as Project Manager. He joined us from the consulting firm Afry, where he managed large industrial projects as a Construction Manager/Site Manager for PMO Industry.

"One project I participated in was Port of Varberg, now concluding a port relocation similar to our new undertaking. Although Varberg's project is at a much larger scale, the experience is invaluable. Especially since my primary focus here will be on Västra Hamnen. The development potential for Port of Uddevalla is tremendous, with a new industrial zone nearby. It could significantly boost the city of Uddevalla's appeal for new businesses."

Alongside his involvement with the Port of Varberg, Anders has extensive experience in other marine projects, both in the role of consultant and diver. Although it has been some time since his last dive, he remains deeply connected to the diving profession. As a diver, he has performed a variety of tasks, including welding, blasting, inspections, construction, and search operations. This experience has given him an understanding of underwater construction and marine-related projects, something he believes will be beneficial in his upcoming projects here.

Anders also expresses strong enthusiasm for the opportunity to contribute to shaping the future of Port of Uddevalla. The opportunity to apply for the position with us was particularly attractive because Uddevalla is also his hometown.

"- I have always traveled a lot in my working life. But family comes first, and I had started to long for home. When this position appeared, I immediately felt that this is a big and exciting project where I can engage and make a difference in Uddevalla, my local community. Everything is still very new, but I have felt very welcome here. This is a workplace where soft values ​​are important, something I appreciate."

We extend a warm welcome to Anders. We trust he will find joy in working at Port of Uddevalla, and in joining our westward journey.


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