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Uddevalla Hamnterminal is proud to be involved in sponsoring local associations and non-profit organizations. We have chosen to focus on sponsoring organizations with a focus on children and young people and non-profit organizations connected to marine life.

Current sponsorships

Projekt Fjordtorsk/Stiftelsen Byfjordens Framtid

Projekt Fjordtorsk/Stiftelsen Byfjordens Framtid are leading the project to restore the raft that will oxygenate Byfjorden. We have assisted them with various tasks throughut the project, including the launching of the raft itself, which can be seen in the picture below. A fantastic project that we look forward to follow.

Launching of the raft that will oxygenate Byfjorden.

Spin of Hope

Uddevalla Hamnterminal participated with a team in Friskis & Svettis annual event Spin of Hope on Saturday 23 March.

SEK 74,000 was collected by Friskis & Svettis in Uddevalla. In total, more than SEK 2.5 million was collected throughout Sweden - and every single penny goes to the organisation Barncancerfonden (Children's Cancer Foundation)

Uddevalla Hamnterminal participated with a team in Friskis & Svettis annual event Spin of Hope on Saturday 23 March.

Swedish Sea Rescue Society SSRS

We continuously support the Swedish Sea Rescue Society SSRS, and as in previous years, we have chosen to replace Christmas gifts to our customers with a contribution to the Swedish Sea Rescue Society.

They are a non-profit organization, responsible for 70 percent of all sea rescue operations in Sweden. With no governmental funding, ours and others support is needed to help them save lives at sea.

GF Kroppskultur

GF Kroppskultur is a local handboll club, and one of Uddevalla's largest sports associations with over 700 active members, the vast majority of whom are children and young people. We are sponsoring the club's event Handball Fest in October 2023 and February 2024.

Handbollsfesten oktober 2023

Natur & Miljöböckerna

We want to contribute to local sustainable community development. Therefore we are one of the companies that contribute to the Natur och Miljlöböckerna (English: Nature & Environment books) being published to children in Uddevalla municipality during the school years 2023, 2024 and 2025.

The Nature & Environment books is a fact-checked, inspiring and, above all, up-to-date learning tool adapted for middle school. The curriculum focuses on sustainable development as well as nature and environmental knowledge. The Nature & Environment books has been distributed to over 5 million students in Sweden since 1993.

There is a lot of discussion about threats to the environment today. The Nature & the Environment books would rather talk about
possibilities. To give the rising generation knowledge about our nature and environment at an early stage, we believe is an unbeatable way to create the conditions for a sustainable development. In this year's books, the Global Goals are included, linked both to exercises and lesson suggestions.

natur och miljöboken



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