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Today, Sörvik is the core of our operations, where a large number of our customers store, load and discharge their cargoes. Sörvik is also a focus area for new traffic and new business.


Sörvik offers fantastic storage options. Seven modern warehouses offer plenty of space for indoor storage. Outdoors, Sörvik has large contiguous storage areas totaling 19,000 m².

Quays and capacity

Sörvik has two quays, called Sörvik quay and the Dock. The Dock has been there since Sörvik's shipyard era, and today it functions just like a normal quay. On quay 71-73, which is 250 m long, we operate with one track-bound port crane, one mobile port crane and three mobile folding cranes.

Maximum lifting capacity is 100 tons in a so-called single lift and approx. 80-140 tons in tandem lift. At the Dock, which is 2 x 400 m long, and K4, which is 170 m, we operate with a mobile port crane and three mobile folding cranes.


Sörvik has two railway tracks, in direct connection to warehouses and outdoor storage areas.


In August 1945 the decision was taken to approve Gustav B. Thordén's proposal to construct a shipyard, Uddevallavarvet. The first ship built there, M/S Ally Thorden, left the yard in 1948. In 1976 the gantry crane was built, 127.5 m high with 109 m of
lifting height. The T/T Nanny at 499,000 tons, the then world's broadest beamed vessel, was launched in 1978.

In December 1984, after repeated changes of owner, liquidity crises, strikes and peaks and troughs in the order books, Svenska Varv took the decision to shut down Uddevallavarvet. The reason was that they considered that there was a global overcapacity in shipbuilding.

On the 4th February 1986, the gantry crane was felled, an event followed by many. During its existence, 221 ships, 5 ferries, a pontoon crane and three bridges, including the Älvsborgsbron in Gothenburg, was built here. At its peak, 3,672 people worked
at Uddevallavarvet.


The work to develop Sörvik will intensify as we let go of the areas in the inner port.
Sörvik offers future opportunities for container traffic and feeder traffic. The area is being carefully planned to optimise the logistics.

Our new cargo reception will be located here and there is space for more warehouses. Uddevalla Hamnterminal is working to increase collaboration between businesses in our region, to create a sustainable and intelligent cargo flow.

An ongoing work at Sörvik is to develop railway tracks and land to, for example, enable additional warehouses in the future. Already today, we have very flexible storage areas here. With the combination of modern warehouses and large continuous outdoor storage areas.





Max l.o.a

Water depth, quay


Max draft MWL

Additional information

Sörvik71-73250 m-11,00 m0,510,50 m-
DockanD1-D3400 m-10,00 m2,08,00 mWater depth at entrance 8,50 m
DockanD799 m-10,00 m2,08,00 mWater depth at entrance 8,50 m
DockanD4-D6400 m-10,00 m2,08,00 mWater depth at entrance 8,50 m
Imerys/AWLK4145 m-7,00 m0,56,50 m-


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