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Safety regulations in Port of Uddevalla

Our safety regulations are aimed at everyone who works temporarily or permanently in Port of Uddevalla. The purpose of the security regulations is to inform about port and maritime security and the basic rules that apply to access to the port area.

Everyone working within the port area must have basic knowledge of the rules that apply and in the event of an incident they must know whom they should contact.

Opening hours

The opening hours of the port are 06:30 – 16:00 and during these hours Gate 1 – the main entrance – is manned by a guard. The guard has breaks between 09:00 - 09:30 and 13:00 - 13:30.

Please note that one-time accesses to the Port can only be made through Gate 1 – the main entrance.

Access to the port

All persons seeking access to Port of Uddevalla’s facilities are subject to the Maritime Security Act (2004:487), the Law (2006:1209) on Port Security and customs regulations.

Authorization is required to access the port area. This applies to vehicles, products and goods entering a port facility.

Access requirements

You must pre-register or have a personal access card to be granted access to Port of Uddevalla’s facilities. Access cards are issued by Port of Uddevalla following an agreement with the client. The guard at our main gate will provide you with a valid access card after you have completed an online course.

Within the port area, all persons must be able to identify themselves with an approved ID document. If a person's identity cannot be verified, access will be denied.

Web education

Before you can gain access to the port area, to work or carry out an assignment, you must complete an online training course. Each section of the training ends with a number of questions that must be answered with a passing result. You get access to the online training by submitting an application for access card.

Please note that you can only apply for access to the port area by stating your contact person at Uddevalla Hamnterminal.


Passage to or from a port area should always be carried out with care, and always stop your vehicle until the gates are fully opened. After the transit you must also wait to make sure that the gate closes correctly. Note that only one vehicle may pass per transit. So-called gate surfing where several vehicles pass through during one and the same opening is absolutely forbidden.

It is forbidden to lend your personal access card to another person, and you are not allowed to bring unauthorized persons into the port area.


In order to carry out maintenance work, repairs, or the like in the Port area you must apply for a work permit. After work is completed, you also need to report back. A personal access card is not equal to a work permit.

Hot works requires a special permit, in addition to a work permit.


  • Visitors to the port areas within Port of Uddevalla is granted access based on following rules:
  • Everyone who is granted access must get acquainted with and follow the safety rules and instructions issued by Port of Uddevalla.

  • Everyone who is granted access is responsible for ensuring that any co-passengers have proper authorization for vehicle transit.

  • Everyone who has been granted access must present a valid SIS-approved ID or passport when requested to do so by Port of Uddevalla’s Port Authority and PFSO/PSO/Security Officer.

  • Everyone who seeks access to Port of Uddevalla must allow search and inspection of vehicles, products and carried goods.

  • Personal access cards must be treated as a personal valuable document. It may not be handed over or borrowed by another person.

  • If a personal access card is lost, this must be reported immediately to Gate 1 – the main entrance.


Random checks are performed by the Port of Uddevalla to ensure that everyone has the right authorization and that there is no illegal entry into the port. The purpose of the checks is to create a safe environment and good port security, that meets the requirements for maritime security from foreign as well as Swedish authorities. Port of Uddevalla has the right to reject a person who has entered the port area without authorization.

Freight checks

Continuous goods inspections are carried out throughout the port area to meet the requirements of ISPS regulations..

Traffic rules

Many people enter and leave Port of Uddevalla every day or have their workplace within the port area. There is always some kind of activity in the port. Therefore, it is important for everyone to follow the rules issued by the Port Authority and to make sure to follow speed limits. The speed limit in the port area is 30 km/h unless otherwise stated.

Personal protective equipment

High-visibility vests, helmets and protective shoes must always be worn in the Port area. In some parts of the port, additional personal protective equipment might be required. You are responsible for acquainting yourself with and complying with the occupational health and safety rules that apply in the area where you will be staying.

Drugs and alcohol

Port of Uddevalla is an alcohol- and drug-free workplace. As the use of alcohol and drugs increases the risk of accidents, this is a prerequisite for a good and safe working environment.

Photography is prohibited

Taking photos is prohibited everywhere in the port area. To film or take photos you need to apply for a photo permit from Port of Uddevalla’s Port Authority. The same rules also apply to drones. Port of Uddevalla's PFSO (Port Facility Security Officer) is responsible for photo permits.

Shell protection

The shell protection around the port facility consists of shell protective fence, with reinforced fence and barbed wire. The areas are monitored by cameras deployed in strategic locations.

Fences, gates, and barriers serve as intrusion protection but are also a legal boundary. If you cross this boundary without permit you can be found guilty of a criminal act, which can result in a police report.

Port Security & ISPS

The port security ordinance covers a much larger area even outside the mandatory protection zone around the port such as access roads, bridges, viaducts, and areas connected to the port area.

The purpose of port security is to secure a larger area. This enables the port to be open and goods to arrive, even if there is a high-level threat to the port.

There are three basic levels of protection in both maritime security and port security:

  • Level 1 is normal level
  • Level 2 is elevated level of protection
  • Level 3 is when imminent risk exists

NOA, the National Operational Department within the Police Authority, in consultation with the Swedish Transport Agency and the Swedish Coast Guard, decides on the security level that applies in the port. Port of Uddevalla can independently choose to work at a higher level if deemed necessary.

Should an elevated level of protection become relevant, it would be possible to impose restrictions to access the port and to carry out more checks in the area, such as controls of ID and goods.

International Ship and Port Facility Security Code ISPS

Port and maritime security of operations is based on a number of directives and laws. These regulations are designed to increase security and facilitate customs management.

Maritime security and port security have been developed for the protection of ports and their vessels in international traffic. Port security is an EU directive that applies within the EU, while maritime security ISPS is an international regulatory framework developed by the UN agency IMO, International Maritime Organizations, and applies worldwide.

International Ship and Port Facility Security Code ISPS

The International Ship and Port Facility Security Code, ISPS, applies from the area adjacent to the quay to 25 meters into the water, where the water is monitored.

The purpose of maritime security is to protect the vessels and the port facility itself from damage or destruction as well as from different forms of terrorism.

Port of Uddevalla's maritime security areas that are included in ISPS are:

  • Skeppsholmspiren
  • Sörvik
  • Västra Hamnen

Safety risk

If you discover any type of event that could pose a safety risk to Port of Uddevalla, you should always immediately contact our safety organization.

A safety risk may for example be anyone behaving suspiciously in the vicinity of Port of Uddevalla’s facilities, anyone photographing the ports facilities without permission, ongoing theft, or violations of access rules.

Report everything that deviates from the normal or looks suspicious.

Always alert Port of Uddevalla’s safety organization if you discover an ongoing incident. Telephone number: 0522-91200


If an accident occurs, you must inform Port of Uddevalla's Port Authority by telephone: 0522-912 00. Make sure to first alert 112 if the accident is serious.

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For all types of rescue missions applies:

Saving life comes before saving property

Always follow these steps:

  • Rescue
  • Warn/alert
  • Extinguish


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