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Online training course for access to Port of Uddevalla

Before you can gain access the Port of Uddevallas port area, to work or perform a task, you must complete this online training course. Every section of the training ends with a few questions that must be answered for you to pass

To receive login details for the online course, you need to do an application for access card to Port of Uddevalla.

Online training instructions:

  • Log in with the username and password provided.
  • The online course consists of two sections with a short film, and every sections ends with a few questions that must be answered for you to pass.
  • Click on the button that says, “start questions”. Answer the questions by choosing an option.
  • You can also run a test first, to see if you can answer the questions before continue to the real test. To do this click on the button “start test questions”.
  • When you have answered all questions correctly, you will be done with this section, and a small green check mark will appear in the icon in the upper corner.
  • If you give a wrong answer to any of the questions a red cross will appear near the icon. You can then choose to redo the entire section or only answer the relevant questions.
  • When all questions in the course have been answered correctly, this will be shown on screen and information will be sent automatically to the port's database.
  • After the course is completed, you can print your certificate or save it as a PDF.


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