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Request for Diving permit

The application for Diving permit is done via the link on this page, with digital signing. The permit application must be available to Uddevalla Hamnterminal AB at least 24 hours before the work begins.

In accordance with local law for the Port of Uddevalla (valid since 2021-05-31)

In a dispute the Swedish version of this text shall apply.

"§ 20. Diving at or next to quays in accordance with the chart appendix, and underwater works within the port area is only allowed after autorization by the port authority"

The application for diving permit is done via the link below, with digital signing.

Fixed conditions for permit:

  • VHF contact shall be made with VTS Marstrand on channel 10.
  • Diving operations shall be performed in accordance with the local by laws for Uddevalla Port as well as the International Colregs.
  • Uddevalla Hamnterminal AB and VTS Marstrand shall be informed when diving starts and ends.


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