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Request for Hull Cleaning permit

Before a vessel is allowed to carry out hull cleaning under water in Port of Uddevalla, the vessel's agent must apply for a permit from the Port Authority. The permit application must be received by Port of Uddevalla at least 72 hours before the work begins.

- Permission is given in accordance with local laws for Port of Uddevalla (2013-02-20).

- In accordance with the decision on notification of cleaning of vessel hulls under water during stopovers in Port of Uddevalla. Uddevalla Municipality, Environment and Urban Planning. Decision no: D 0364.

Your submitted form will be sent to Port of Uddevalla and forwarded to Uddevalla Municipality, Environment and City Planning.

Permission from Uddevalla Port Authority is given on the condition that Miljö & Stadsbyggnad (Municipality of Uddevalla) approves hull cleaning with regard to contractor, cleaning method and vessel.

If diving is to take place in connection with hull cleaning, a separate application for a diving permit is required.

Request for Hull cleaning permit

Date for when the work is to be carried out * (mandatory)
Date for when the work is to be carried out

Is the method approved by Miljö & stadsbyggnadskontoret? * (mandatory)
Is the method approved by Miljö & stadsbyggnadskontoret?

Uddevalla Hamnterminal - Request for Hull cleaning permit



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